POS research: On-site with the consumer


Impulse purchases are particularly important in the FMCG sector. Purchase decisions are rarely planned in advance, but rather made spontaneously at the POS. Consumers are thus influenced all the more by the existing ambience, the assortment, and the brand and product presentation. The proportion of so-called “in-store decisions” today is between 40 and 70 percent, depending on the product group.


The question of success or failure is therefore often decided at the POS. In order to successfully stand out in the competitive environment at the point of sale, consistent implementation of the POS strategy becomes a key success factor.


With our POS tools, we help you review and optimize your brand, product, product range and presentation to ensure that you are addressing your customers in a way that is appropriate for your target group.


Possible questions

  • How eye-catching is your appearance at the point of sale?
  • How can the product positioning at the POS be optimized?
  • How strongly is your brand or product perceived in the competitive environment of the point of sale?
  • Are important (brand) elements communicated sufficiently?
  • How can attention be drawn more strongly to certain areas at the POS?

POS Tools

  • Classic POS surveys use exit interviews: Consumers are asked about relevant parameters (e.g. purchase decision and reasons, brand and product awareness) directly after their purchase at the POS.
  • The use of eye tracking makes it possible to collect objective information about attention and perception processes. In this way, it is possible to determine exactly which information catches the interest of your customers.
  • In Accompanied Shopping or Shop Alongs, we accompany customers during their shopping in order to uncover important factors influencing their purchase decisions. In an alternation of observation and questioning, the consumer verbalizes his thoughts during the purchase.

With a suitable combination of POS tools, we provide you with insights into routine and unconscious actions and purchasing processes. Depending on the question, we select the ideal combination of POS tools with you in order to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your POS presence and to derive concrete recommendations for action with the involvement of all relevant groups of people.


By precisely analyzing the perception and decision-making processes at the POS, we give you the insights you need for optimal placement and presentation of your products.