Our team

portrait Mike Adrian

Mike Adrian

Managing Director


+49 40 65 80 06 23

portrait Ulrich Rieger

Ulrich Rieger

Managing Director


+49 40 65 80 06 38

portrait Christopher Mohr

Christopher Mohr

Senior Manager Survey Systems & Data Analysis


+49 40 65 80 06 62

portrait Dr. Stephanie Poßelt

Dr. Stephanie Poßelt

Research Director


+49 40 65 80 06 57

portrait Marie Lechner

Marie Lechner

Senior Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 35

portrait Nadja Mentzel

Nadja Mentzel

Senior Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 19

portrait Eva Theophile

Eva Theophile

Senior Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 19

portrait Angela Kröger

Angela Kröger

Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 0

portrait Julian Kaps

Julian Kaps

Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 64

portrait Lisa Mohnke

Lisa Mohnke

Research Consultant


+49 40 65 80 06 29

portrait Stefanie Risse

Stefanie Risse

Senior Office Managerin/ Teamassistentin


+49 40 65 80 06 0

portrait Bewirb Dich!

Bewirb Dich!



We are member of important associations because it is our intention to support and develop market research further.

Many of our employees are personal members of BVM.


BVM is the German association of market and social researchers that represents the interests of its more than 1,400 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. BVM endeavors to improve public standing of market researchers and their work as well as to optimize the qualification of researchers and the quality of research in general.


As the industry’s mouthpiece the BVM sets out to win trust and acceptance by demonstrating the usefulness of market research to clients, respondents, politics and the public.

MWResearch is member of ESOMAR.


ESOMAR is the essential organization for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide.


Since 1948 ESOMAR’s aim has been to promote the value of market and opinion research in effective decision-making.


ESOMAR facilitates an on-going dialogue with its 4,900 members, in over 130 countries, through the promotion of a comprehensive program of industry specific and thematic conferences, publications and best practice guidelines. ESOMAR also provides ethical guidance and actively promotes self-regulation in partnership with a number of associations across the globe.