The perfect presentation


The success of an exhibition or event is dependent on many factors such as image, satisfaction, communication and services, but not always a successful event management is immediately recognizable. Through surveys before, on or after the trade fair success and potential for improvement are measured on the basis of the needs and satisfaction of the visitors and customers. Through online or telephone surveys show or stand concepts can be checked and optimized within the target audience before the event.


Directly at the fair or at the booth the satisfaction as well as the communication and service performance can be measured with our POS solutions. Research can focus directly on the design, layout or individual product categories. Results can be purposefully implemented on subsequent trade shows.


In addition, the traffic can be traced with a frequency measurement on the stand. In addition, the success based on customer satisfaction is controlled after the event/trade fair to be able to identify strengths and develop opportunities for improvement. Also a review of the consulting services and the resulting orders can be carried out.

Trade show surveys

On-site trade fair surveys can be carried out easily and uncomplicatedly by face-to-face interviews with tablets or smartphones, so that the desired national and also international target group can be reached optimally. Through a targeted approach and innovative survey situation, even larger samples can be realized without any problems.


In addition, it is possible to integrate all common question types and also videos, images or product descriptions. Of course, our surveys can be conducted both online (with existing WLAN) or offline on our devices.

The data can thus always be monitored in an online reporting tool (with an existing online connection), so that precise quota control is also no problem.


We accompany you from the study conception, selection of the research tool over the implementation to a comprehensible and action-oriented result analysis in order to verify, prove or optimize a successful event concept.


Of course, all modern statistical methods (correlations, conjoint analysis) and tools (Turf analysis, MaxDiff, driver analysis / PRA) can also be used in an evaluation.


Through surveys before, during and after a trade fair, we help you with the optimal preparation, efficient execution and analytical follow-up of your presentation.